Openstack Assessment


If you are in the early stages of your private cloud journey, you might be grappling with questions such as:

  • Are private clouds right for you? Is OpenStack right for you?
  • Will the OpenStack cloud work well with your existing on-prem infrastructure? Will it work work well with any public cloud workloads you may?
  • Will the cloud help you achieve expected business goals? Will it meet the requirements of your developers? Will it fit the developers’ CI/CD (continuous integration/ continuous deployment) flow?
  • Have you chosen OpenStack, but are unsure how you get to a production cloud from your current state?
  • Or do you have an OpenStack cloud already, and are wondering how to get support?

Architecture Design Assessment (ADA)

This professional service is a 15-20 business day engagement where, based on your business and technical goals, our architects will propose a minimum viable product (MVP) and a roadmap of how to get there from your current state. 3-5 days of this engagement are conducted on-site on customer premises.

OpenStack Use-Case Validation

As organizations start their cloud transformation journey, one of the first steps is to find the right private cloud technology that can satisfy their infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) use-case requirements and business goals. This can be accomplished by setting up an OpenStack sandbox and running a tailored validation plan against it to verify the use-case. For such users, Mirantis offers a Use-Case Validation Bundle. The bundle includes subscription & support licenses and a mix of professional services. The result of this engagement will be a clear indication of whether OpenStack will fulfill your business objectives or not. It will provide proof points and materials you can use internally to build momentum around the OpenStack effort.

Cloud Validation

If you have an OpenStack cloud already, pilot or production, and wish for Mirantis to provide support, the Mirantis Cloud Validation service is a required first step. Through this, we will develop a detailed understanding of the current solution, identify problem areas and create a plan for corrective actions. Upon successful execution of corrective actions, Mirantis can start supporting your cloud.