Cloud Implementation Services


Cloud Evolutions Cloud Services deliver an agile, simple to use, and secure Infrastructure as a Service solution. Our services provide variable performance and capacity choices to meet diverse client requirements for development, test, and production environments. Cloud Evolutions works closely with you to understand and align workloads with our cloud servers. Clients use our services to "fail fast" in their development of new applications, which enables them to explore and develop ground-breaking applications. Other clients use the service as a stand-alone production environment that is integrated with their mainframe or legacy client server environments. Because security is in our DNA, our IaaS solution incorporates network and security best practices to give you peace of mind.

Cloud Implementation Services

How Cloud Evolutions Can Help ?


ITIL-based processes are embedded in Cloud Evolutionscloud. The solution is based on VCE technology. Multiple chargeback options are available to fit every situation.


Servers are provisioned in minutes, and application development teams are empowered with the infrastructure they need, when they need it, for as long as they need it.

Cost Management

CapEx and OpEx are reduced with usage-based allocations...
and no hidden'nickel and dime' fees.


Governance is improved with hardware and software asset tracking, multiple monitoring options, and cost transparency and reporting across the enterprise.

Cloud Evolutions

Private cloud options

  • Private Cloud Standard
  • Standardized workloads
  • Expert architecture and operations
  • Patching, tools, monitoring and administration
  • Dashboard for management and reporting
Private cloud On-Premise

  • Managed private cloud in your data center
  • HIPAA, PCI, PII and standard workloads
  • Expert architecture and operations
  • Patching, tools, monitoring and administration
  • Dashboard for management and reporting
  • Ability to burst into Private Cloud

Delivering results

Cloud Evolutions provides the platform flexibility your business requires with the security, experience and operational discipline that give you peace of mind.

Cloud Design Servicess

Case in point: Delivered secure, on-demand computing

The CIO of a global communications solutions provider was tasked with integrating new acquisitions into his established environment. Some of the companies acquired were early stage organizations whose infrastructures had resided solely in the cloud - as the platform enabled rapid development of products and cost-effective computing. Security practices varied widely across the companies being integrated, a concern for the acquirer who was a Fortune 500 security sensitive organization. The CIO engaged his trusted partner, Cloud Evolutions, delivered a secure, private cloud solution that met the on-demand needs of the organization. Virtual private data centers were created with distinct compute zones within Governance principles that had already been in place were applied to the cloud platform, thereby minimizing data and overall business risk.