CE Cloud Discovery workshop

IT Transformation

CE takes customers opportunities and challenges that have been identified and turning them into an action plan. CE helps the Customer define specific next steps, sequence them, and integrate them with other in-flight projects and planned initiatives. This roadmap is documented and presented to the Customer as part of the findings report.

CE Cloud Discovery workshop

Service Overview

The CE Cloud Discovery Workshop Service is a 2-day, highly interactive workshop that helps customers define a cloud strategy. The workshop takes a holistic approach by covering 10 topic areas that are essential to cloud computing including governance, security, finance, and transformation planning. These non-technical sessions are facilitated by three senior CE consultants who are also certified cloud strategists. They share their experiences and industry best practices while helping you identify strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and specific next steps in your journey to the cloud. Day one is spent discussing the elements of cloud strategy, and day two is spent building a high-level roadmap. Shortly after the workshop, HP presents a follow-up report with observations and recommendations. An abbreviated 1-day "Express Service" is available for customers who have already drafted a cloud strategy.

CE Cloud Discovery workshop
You will get:

  • A comprehensive, non-technical exploration of cloud strategy
  • Topics presented using large exhibit panels, not PowerPoint slides
  • Workshops delivered in an environment ideal for collaboration
  • Service planning and Service follow-up, including a report of observations and recommendations

Service benefits

Customers are eager to adopt cloud computing, often driven by business users. Many questions remain about topics such as how to migrate to cloud, security concerns, and moving to a service-centric model for IT delivery. The Cloud Discovery Workshop Service walks the Customer through these and other issues, sharing industry best practices and helping the Customer address these concerns